Miss. Khanyisa Mabece

Job Title: 
Consultant: Alice

Khanyisa Mabece joined the Teaching and Learning Centre in 2014 when he was a Supplemental Instruction Leader for English when she was studying towards her Bachelor’s in Social Science degree. In her B.Soc. Sci. Psychology Hons year she became a student assistant for the programme and it was in June 2018 that she became a consultant at the centre.
Her main role is to co-ordinate the Supplemental Instruction Programme and the Extended Learning Environment Programme which aim to increase the institution’s student retention. Student academic support being the core of what she offers at the centre, she also co-ordinates the Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Awards in Teaching and Learning and she is also one of the editors of the TLC Newsletter which has received remarkable praise from the entire institution.
Her philosophy is underpinned by Piaget and Brunner’s Cognitive development theory and the Connectivism theory. She believes that students are already knowledgeable on certain topics based on their experiences and hers is to just build on that existing knowledge. She also believes that social media has limitless power that teachers in this generation should be tapping into especially with the talk of 4IR.
A philanthropist, activist, change driver and consultant. This is Khanyisa Mabece.