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Staff Induction

Letters of appointment state that attendance of Induction is compulsory and for sound reason because it facilitates the transition from one position into the next (see link to policy).

The Induction Programme was first funded by SANTED in 2007.  Since 2010 UFH has carried the financial costs.  From 2007 - 2009 a formal programme was used which consisted of a three day break away: presenters of the 20 or so slots were deemed specialists in their respective fields.  This was offered twice yearly. The categories covered were teaching and learning, human resources, finances, research: theory and practice, processes and procedures.

From 2010 onwards, interviews, consultations and a follow-up day of situated activities were added so that the concept of Induction as a process was conveyed: Induction would stretch over a year (see links to programmes and seminars).  A newsletter was also started which shared the inductees reflections of the process (see link for last edition).

The Induction Programme provides new staff with the opportunity to settle into their new positions as quickly and smoothly as possible: it familiarizes them with the processes and procedures of HR and Finance; it introduces them to the Library and Opac; it reminds them of the different teaching and learning theories that underpin their practice; it provides networking opportunities; it makes them aware of the TLC support that is available to students and staff alike and it welcomes them into the UFH family!

Brief Guides/Resources/Policies:

Induction policy

Contact Persons:

Mr Luvuyo Ndawule                                                    Mrs Alanna Riley                                                                  
+27 (0)43 704 7659                                                     +27 (0)43 704 7276                                       

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