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Vice-Chancellor's Awards

The purpose of the VC’s Excellence in Teaching Awards is to honour and recognise individuals who have achieved excellence as teachers. By recognising such individuals, the University demonstrates its commitment to teaching as a scholarly endeavour, emphasising the importance of outstanding teaching, and provides incentives for academic staff to pursue activities that enhance their abilities as teachers. The Excellence in teaching awards will be based on a sustained record of a high standard of teaching based on evidence of continued outstanding contributions to the academic development of students or innovative techniques to enhance student learning using a variety of tools including courseware or technology. The awards will be based on evidence of teaching effectiveness and contributions to advance teaching excellence at UFH. Eligibility Full-time academic staff who have taught regularly scheduled courses for at least six semesters are eligible to be nominated.
Two Awards:
1. Experienced Teacher (Senior Lecturer and Professorial Level);
2. Developing Teacher (Junior Lecturer and Lecturer Level).
Nomination Process:
An individual or group, including students, alumni, fellow academic staff, Deans, Heads of Schools, may initiate the nomination. The nominee is, however, ultimately responsible for compiling the nomination file, excluding the letters of recommendation which should be directly forwarded to the DVC’s office.
The nomination file should include the following:
1. Letter from primary nominator: The letter should identify, in some descriptive detail, the nominee’s particular contributions in teaching. If the nominator is chosen by the nominee as one of his/her three referees, this letter would then be considered as a refereed letter.
2. Letter of recommendation from one peer or colleague that provides information about the
nominee’s commitment to teaching innovation, academic standards and general teaching reputation
among colleagues and students. A second letter of recommendation will be solicited directly by the
VC’s Excellence in Teaching Awards Panel, from a peer within the department and faculty of the
3. The names and contact details of three referees. At least one of the referees should be an
academic external to Fort Hare.
Nominee’s Responsibilities:
1. Provide the panel with their Curriculum vitae
2. Develop a teaching portfolio: All nominees will be required to document the scope and quality of
their teaching by preparing a teaching portfolio (see the TLC’s Brief Guide to the Development of a
Teaching Portfolio).
The teaching portfolio must include:
1. An analysis of a range of evaluations from students
2. A recent peer review of the nominee’s teaching.
3. Additional material may include but is not limited to:
  • Evidence of professional development activities undertaken in regard to teaching
  • Evidence of activities under taken to assist colleagues with their teaching including seminars or professional meetings on teaching;
  • Evidence of student achievements.
4. A Letter of support from the Dean of the nominee’s Faculty will be solicited by the DVC.
5. Class visits by panel members and interviews will form a part of the assessment process in order
to achieve reliability through triangulation of data.
For further information:
Contact: Dr. V. Nkonki, 040 602 2704,

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