Curriculum Development

Curriculum is a key element in the educational process and it touches virtually everyone who is involved with teaching and learning. It is not limited to the development of knowledge about a particular area but deals directly with helping the student to develop with a broad range of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values, each of which ultimately contributes in some manner to the graduate's employability.

The Teaching and Learning Centre supports academic staff in the systematic development and understanding of:

    Programme/Module Design
    Programme/Module Compliance
    Programme/Module Review
    Learning Guide Design
    Curriculum Development Policy

Brief Guides/Resources/Policies:

    Curriculum Review Policy
    Level Descriptors
The Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework

Contact Person:

Mrs Lulekwa Baleni                                                                      Mr Luvuyo Ndawule
+27 (0)40 602 2701                                                                     +27 (0)43 704 7659