• Faiq Waghid

    Faiq Waghid is an academic at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology's (CPUT), Centre for Innovative Educational Technology (CIET). His research interests include the use of participatory action research towards improving teaching and learning practices, augmented through the use of educational technologies. Faiq's note worthy research endeavours include the publication of three international co-authored books. Educational Technology and Pedagogic Encounters: Democratic Education in Potentiality' (Sense, 2016),'Rupturing African Philosophy on Teaching and Learning: Ubuntu Justice and Education' (Palgrave-MacMillan, 2018). More recently  he published 'Cosmopolitan Education and Inclusion: Human Engagement and the Self'(Palgrave-MacMillan,2020). He is rated  by the National Research Foundation (NRF) as a promising young researcher.

  • Dr Rita Kizito

    Rita Kizito has spent the last 40 years in different education sectors including high school, teacher training,Open Distance Learning (ODL) and higher education and has published in a number of journals in Higher Education. Rita Kizito is an experienced educator and curriculum developer with a passion for leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning in higher education. With over 22 years of experience in the field, Rita has developed expertise in learning activity design, helping educators create engaging and effective learning experiences for their students. One of Rita's areas of focus in technology-enhanced teachingand learning is in linking theory and practice, helping educators bridge the gap between academic concepts and real-world applications. This has proven particularly valuable in the African higher education context,where students often face unique challenges when it comes to applying theoretical concepts in practical settings.

  • Dr Francois Naude

    Dr Francois Naude has garnered international recognition as a result of his experience in evolutionary Biology and dedication to Science education. Having received the National Teachers Award in South Africa, he has since trained over 2600 teachers, empowering them to unleash their full potential in the classroom and beyond. With a passion for assisting teachers and school leaders in discovering their unique superpowers, he is dedicated to helping every teacher teach like the super-hero they truly are. By fostering a community of practice, he shares his insights on science, psychology, and school leadership to help you overcome the challenges you face both in and out of the classroom. During this presentation you will gain the mind-set and tools needed to level up your teaching super power