Conference Themes

Main theme: Enhancing Higher Education Teaching and Learning in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 4IR

TLC Virtual Conference 2021

The main purpose of the colloquium is to explore the possibilities, complexities, and affordances of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in Higher Education in so far as they relate to teaching and learning. This will be achieved through the interrogation of practices and experiences with respect to enablement, enhancement and support of programmes and arrangements as well as students’ and lecturers’ practices and experiences.


  • 4IR an enabler of students with disabilities in terms of their mobility, access, inclusion, and support for learning)
  • Re-thinking forms of student engagement and psycho-social support
  • Re)imagining library support and access to educational resources
  • Extended Teaching and Learning spaces enabled by the Fourth Industrial Revolution



  • Data driven management and leadership of institutional teaching and learning agenda
  • Learning Analytics as an enhancer of Teaching and Learning decisions and programme
  • Intellectual Property and Ethics in the context of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)
  • Professional standards and accountability issues
  • Advancing Academic Staff Development needs for the 4IR
  • “New literacies” infused, developed, and fostered in the curriculum of the Forth Industrial Revolution
  • Blended-learning approaches and pedagogies adopted
  • Innovative design of Teaching and Learning tools and materials
  • Reflection on “new” theories that must underpin Teaching and learning approaches of the 4IR era
  • Learning outcomes for the Forth Industrial Revolution


  • The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Teaching and Learning
  • The effects of virtual labs, gamification, and simulation in the enhancement of teaching and learning
  • Considerations for the appropriation of AI technologies and applications for teaching and learning
  • Architecture and manadate of a SMART rural  university
  • 4IR and the mitigation of the effects of  rurality
  • Graduates attributes and graduateness in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Graduates employability frameworks and their relevance for the 4th Industrial Revolution