Institutional Goals

Institutional Goals
Institutional Goal 1

Institutional Goal 1: Pursue High Quality and Innovative Teaching and Learning

All Higher Degree Institutions were faced with challenges to move to online learning and teaching during the COVID pandemic.  It, however, accelerated Universities’ implementation of new E-learning/Blended learning pedagogies and online assessments and the need to fast-track the recurriculation of current programmes to develop socially and economically relevant programmes that address the needs of societies, as well as unique flagship programmes pertinent to industries that have embraced the fourth industrial revolution.

To achieve this, it would be necessary to reskill academic and support staff and create capacity to develop and implement the E-learning/Blended learning pedagogical model while transforming curricula and developing new flagship programmes. 

Strategic Objectives to achieve high quality and innovative teaching and learning

  • Curriculum renewal through the development of innovative, socially relevant programmes and improving the quality of teaching and learning (L1)
  • Capacitation of staff and students to optimise the utilisation of technologies for integrating E-Learning/Blended Learning Pedagogies (L2)
Institutional Goal 2

Institutional Goal 2: Build the University’s Research and Innovation Profile

The University of Fort Hare has established a strong foundation for its research programme. Therefore, it will strive to build a culture focused on the quality of the research output, which impacts society and supports innovation.  This will require that the research capacity within academic departments be enhanced and developed, including increasing the number of academics who have a doctoral degree and those who are NRF rated. 

Support mechanisms will be put in place to ensure the sustainability and multi-disciplinarity of identified rural- and urban-relevant research niche areas, including developing and maintaining Research Partnerships, Funding Collaborations, and digitalised systems that improve Research Data Management.

Strategic Objectives to build the University’s research and innovation profile

Strengthen the Research Profile of UFH by creating a research culture that focuses on quality and impact (L3)

Institutional Goal 3

Institutional Goal 3: Improve the Quality of Student Life and Enhance Student Experience

A priority is to create an environment that supports students in active and experiential learning, well-being, and psycho-social development. Therefore, improving the teaching and learning environment and student facilities and residences will receive attention, together with the development of graduate attributes relevant to society and the job market. Furthermore, the enhancement of student governance and leadership will feature strongly over the next five years.

Strategic Objectives to improve the quality of student life and enhance student experience

  • Improve relevant student graduate attributes and enhance student experience (S1)
  • Enhance student governance and leadership (S2)
Institutional Goal 4

Institutional Goal 4: Enhance the University’s Regional, National, and International Standing and Impact

As the University embarks on the journey of renewal, it will be necessary to develop a clear brand identity that will incorporate the University’s reputation and govern interactions with all stakeholders, including but not limited to alumni, government, funders, the wider University community, and prospective students. This will enhance the University’s impact and standing and facilitate successfully leveraging and cultivating goodwill from specifically the University’s alumni and established partnerships. The newly established DVC-RPI portfolio will focus on developing new national and international strategic partners in teaching, research, and innovation.

Strategic Objectives to enhance the University’s Regional, National and International standing and impact

  • Improve branding, marketing, and reputation management of the university (S3)
Institutional Goal 5

Institutional Goal 5: Strengthen Good Governance to ensure Effective Management and Leadership

The inculcation of a service culture focused on professional, ethical conduct and accountability is central to ensuring the University’s legal compliance and limiting the University’s exposure to preventable risk.

In line with establishing a digitised University, the academic administration and Governance systems will be digitised and automated, ensuring integrity and efficiency in student administration processes and governance.

Strategic Objectives to strengthen good governance to ensure effective management and leadership

  • Improve policy and regulatory environment (P1)
  • Ensure University’s Legal Compliance and limit risk exposure (P2)
Institutional Goal 6

Institutional Goal 6: Provide Efficient and Fit for Purpose Infrastructure and Support Services

Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines are to be developed for all faculties, units and departments.  The University of Fort Hare also intends to develop and maintain its infrastructure. It fully supports a digital environment and all the requirements posed by an E-learning/Blended learning pedagogical model.  Attention will be given to campus security, health and safety compliance, and optimal space management.

The development of effective and efficient business processes across the institution will be advanced through appropriate technology and digitalisation, in line with a new ICT Infrastructure Architecture Plan and a Digital Skills Development plan. 

The move to an E-learning/Blended learning pedagogical model and a digitised University requires improvement of cyber-security and the development and maintenance of reliable and secure data repositories that meet the institutional information requirements.

Effective and efficient Human Capital provision and development in all sectors of the University are crucial to ensuring the achievement of the institutional goals.

Strategic Objectives to provide efficient and fit for purpose infrastructure and support services

  • Review and repurpose the three campuses to inform the development, upgrade and maintenance of fit for purpose physical infrastructure (P3)
  • Identification, development, implementation and maintenance of efficient Business processes (P4)
  • Implement Cyber-secure knowledge management systems that meet the institutional and statutory information management requirements (P5)

Provide excellent core Human Resources, Professional Development and Health and Safety services across all sectors of the University (P6)

Institutional Goal 7

Institutional Goal 7: Ensure Financial Sustainability and a broader Resource Base

The long term financial sustainability of the Institution and its entities (operating units, subsidiaries, trusts and joint ventures) is to be prioritised with the implementation of sound financial management and compliance practices.  These are to be supported by the use of appropriate technology to enable delivery on the given mandate.

Strategic Objectives to ensure financial sustainability and a broader resource base

  • Ensure long term financial sustainability of the University and its entities (F1)
  • Ensure development and application of sound financial management and compliance practices supported by the necessary technologies for the benefit of our stakeholders (F2)