Towards A Decade of Renewal

Drafted as per statutory requirements as defined in R 464 of the Higher Education Act (101/1997): Regulations for Reporting of Public Higher Education Institutions, Government Gazette 37726 of 9 June 2014

Vision & Mission

Towards a Decade of Renewal

With the appointment of a new Council, together with a new top management team, the University community has wholeheartedly embraced the concept of Renewal, as all Fort Harians want to be part of a university that can take its place proudly within the academic fraternity in South Africa and Internationally.  Therefore, the university adopted the theme of renewal in the strategic plan by incorporating the principles of transformation, equity, and the socio-economic contextualisation of the plan.

The University of Fort Hare wishes to become a university that has incorporated digitalisation and automation into all its business, academic and research processes, student administration processes, financial and HR systems. A relevant regulatory framework with applicable policies and procedures to ensure quality, good governance, and effective management is foreseen in all endeavours.

The intention is to further enhance the student experience by providing modernised infrastructure and embracing new technologies suitable for quality teaching and research.  Through curriculum renewal, it will offer quality and innovative, unique, socially and contextually relevant programmes that integrate new technology. Therefore, producing graduates with attributes relevant to the needs of societies and future workplaces that are shifting toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  The University of Fort Hare also aims to impact society by developing Niche Research areas that address the National Development Plan and national or regional priorities in collaboration with strategic partners.

The above will only be possible by ensuring the long term financial sustainability of the University and its entities through the development and application of sound financial management and compliance practices.


To be a distinctive African university, advancing excellence and innovation in research, teaching, learning, administration, and social engagement.


To provide quality education and conduct innovative research focusing on niche areas that contribute to the advancement of knowledge that is socially and contextually relevant, with an overall emphasis on the application of digital technologies.

Core values