UFH lecturer appointed by the Premier to serve on Provincial Covid-19 Advisory Panel

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Mrs Ntombana Rala, Nursing Science Lecturer,  has been appointed as a Member of the Eastern Cape  Covid-19 Advisory Panel by the Premier, Mr Oscar Mabuyane. This is the second time that she has been called-up by the province to serve on a strategic position to help mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic.

She is among a host of professionals who were selected to serve on the Eastern Cape Coronavirus Provincial Task Team (ECCPTT) that was established by the Eastern Cape Department of Health (ECDOE) in January this year. The mandate of the ECCPTT was to develop a strategic preparedness and response plan to the pandemic. Mrs Rala also serves on the UFH Covid-19 Task Team.

The EC Advisory Panel Members’ main responsibility is to advise the Premier and the Executive Council on the efficiency and effectiveness of the government strategy to mitigate Covid-19.

According to the appointment letter issued by the Director-General at the Office of The Premier, Mr Mbulelo Sogoni, the Panel’s terms of reference will include the following:


  • to receive and review update reports on coronavirus infections and measures to contain/minimize the spread thereof;
  • to render Covid-19 related expert opinion and advice to the Executive Council, through scheduled meetings with the Premier and Executive Council;
  • to render any other specialist input to enhance the implementation of the Province’s Covid-19 Response Strategy;
  • to engage individually and/or collectively with the Premier and/or MEC for Health on any matter(s) related to Covid-19;
  • to liaise with the Premier’s Special Advisor on Covid-19; and
  • at Premier’s and/or MEC for Health’s invitation, to participate in any platform established to contribute to mitigating the spread of Covid-19 infections and resultant death of people.


Speaking to This Week@FortHare, Mrs Rala said she was honoured to service her province during trying times. “My exposure and contribution to the previous committee opened more opportunity for me to be nominated and selected for the Advisory Panel to the Premier and Executive Council. Although this is extra voluntary work,  it exposes me to more Covid-19 mitigation strategies that can benefit UFH,” she said.


“The Faculty of Health Sciences is very proud to play a direct role in fighting the pandemic through Mrs Rala.  We will continue to support and encourage her”, said the  Acting Dean, Prof Daniel Goon.


Internally, Mrs Rala service on the Internal Covid-19 Task Team as well as the Covid-19 Management Response Committee.  The latter structure serves as an Advisor Arm to the MEC and is chaired by Prof Nokwethemba Ndlazi (DVC-Institutional Support).