Vice Chancellor's welcome speech

Read time: 2 mins

It give me pleasure to address you on this occasion of the official opening of the University for the 2018 academic year. Let me start by welcoming all staff and returning students back from the summer break. I know many of you have been back at work since the 3 January to prepare for the registration of students so that we are able to start the teaching programme without hiccups.

I also wish to welcome staff who joined the University at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. In the last two weeks, I addressed special orientation and welcome sessions for new students who joined our University for the first time in 2018. Once again, I say welcome to all new students.


Exactly a year ago, I arrived at this University and addressed students and staff to mark the official opening of the 2017 academic year. In that address I identified several issues which required urgent attention and invited the University community to engage in debates on them. The year 2017 afforded me an opportunity to get to know the institution and its people better and to identify priorities for action. I was delighted to meet and get to know some of the finest academics, administrators and support services employees of the University. I wish to use this opportunity to pay tribute to these great colleagues who continue to make the University great. Of course, I also became aware that there are University employees at all levels who get by with the bare minimum of what is expected of them. More on them below.


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