Tom Bows out in Maseru

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Held at the Maseru Sun- Lesotho, it was the Vice Chancellor, Professor Mvuyo Tom’s alumni engagement, to all intents and purposes his last one in his official capacity as head of the University of Fort Hare. Traditionally known as the best  performing, the Lesotho Alumni Association held its annual general meeting and gala dinner at the Maseru Sun on the 13th December 2016. As always, attendance of this event is across generations from the 1950’s to the most recent graduates.

The Vice Chancellor gave 2016 reflections that were most made up of centenary events which were heavily backed by the national government for which the Vice Chancellor showed much appreciation.

Notable within the centenary program was when a former student and currently president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe shared the stage with his South African Counterpart, Jacob Zuma in May at an eagerly  awaited alumni home coming.  Tom could not hide his sentimental attachment to the Mountain Kingdom as his relations with Lesotho dates back to the times of the liberation struggle as he spent some time in exile there.

Mr. Liau Mochaba, a consultant and social worker by profession was guest of honor at the gala dinner themed “Redefining the role of education in responding to Lesotho’s political and developmental challenges of the 21st century”. For the continent to realize its full potential and take advantage of its human and natural resource base for development, there must be holistic reforms of the approach to education and such must be tailored to suit the needs of the individual countries, said Mochaba.

 For Africa to achieve any meaningful development over the next few years, individual countries must begin to develop well-thought-out policies that will ensure not just mass literacy but also full utilization of the educated mass for economic and social growth, he said.

Professor Tom received a token of honor for his role in steering the University of Fort Hare in the direction that shall bring change to the current and untenable world view, a book by Mafole Sematlane titled “Research based Prayers”.