Registration 2017

Read time: 2 mins

The University of Fort Hare went off on a good start with its 2017 Registration, so far registering 4105 students even before the last day of registration. This process started on 18 January in the East London campus up to the 26th of January. It will start on 27 January right up to the 10th of February 2017. A well charged team of registration officers spotting registration T-shirts sponsored by ITEC have been running the process and managed to register every student for that day. Registration has not had to carry over in all the days that it has been taking place in East London, which is commendable given the challenges that the registration process has had to deal with.

On the 1st day of Registration, it had to be halted due to NSFAS problems, and this was resolved by unblocking students and the Office of the Registrar ensuring that NSFAS officials are on site to address queries. The Online registration has continued to pose challenges, and these are being resolved as registration is proceeding by the ICT department. The other challenge was that of power which, due to a faulty cable in the Quigney area, caused a 3-hour delay on the 23rd, but with cooperation from the BCM officials, the UFH was made a priority in the resolution of the power outage issue.

Through cooperation with the student body, academics, admissions and external stakeholders, registration in the University of Fort Hare is proceeding as scheduled.