Zero-rated data for University community for remote teaching and learning activities

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Four of the Internet Service Providers in South Africa have invited the University of Fort Hare to participate in their zero-rated data offerings, at least for the duration of the national Covid-19 lockdown. Some of the service providers have offered zero-rated data on an ongoing basis, but subject to their terms and conditions.

Telkom, MTN and Vodacom have agreed to offer the services as listed below and are in the process of implementation. Cell C documentation is still in progress and this will be submitted as soon as possible.

The following Uniform Resource Locators (URL’s) have been requested:


The services required to provide for Blackboard Collaborate or Microsoft Teams to function remotely with zero-rated billing are currently not available, but service providers are working on solutions. An active SIM card is required to access Zero-rated services. Zero-rated services will function on any of the above networks, once fully implemented, without having any data available on the SIM card.

You are invited to test these services and log a call at if the services do not function as expected. Please allow another day for the services to be made functional.


Kind Regards,

Dr. Christian Johl
Chief Information Officer