UFH produces eleven national players in eight sporting codes

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The year 2019 was a good year for UFH sports, with 11 of our students being selected for national teams in various sporting codes. The talented UFH players were spotted during the University Sport South Africa (USSA) Games that were played during the winter and summer season. All 26 universities in the country participated in sporting codes such as Cricket, Softball, Volleyball, Rugby and Pool. 

The following UFH players were selected for different national teams:

Pool - Sixolile Nkonyeni

Cricket - Mkhululi Calana, Jerome Bossr and Jerry Nqolo

Chess - Sphamandla Mkopha

Ladies Rugby - Lusanda Dumke

Softball - Nolwazi Mabindisa, Ziphozethu Nolatsho

Soccer - Yanga Yamnkile

Judo - Anelisa Tsipa

Karate – Nolubabalo Ndongana

All of the teams were well prepared for the USSA tournament and enjoyed the support of the UFH Sports Department and trained at the Human Movement Science gym. Some of the players such as Nolubabalo Ndongana travelled to Japan to compete in a karate tournament. The female rugby team also travelled to France in April last year.