UFH Nursing Students Encouraged To Strive for Excellence

Read time: 2 mins

On 3 February, the Nursing Science  Department welcomed an enthusiastic group of first-year Bachelor of Nursing Science students during the launch of a week-long orientation programme.  The engagements take place at the Nursing Science Building on the East London Campus.

During the first two days students were introduced to some of their lecturers who shared messages of encouragement.  Professor Cheryl Nikodem, Head of the Nursing Department  advised students to stay on top of their studies.

“You were selected from hundreds of applicants, you are the cream of the crop and you need to maintain the standard.” She also cautioned students about the challenges they might encounter on and off campus and how they can avoid such challenges. “You have a much more difficult course than others. You only get to go on holiday in December, the rest of your holidays you spend doing practical training. We are here to support and build you,” she said.

Nursing Science Lecturer -  Mr Lwazi Tilolo, said in order to succeed in the nursing profession,  students needed to be passionate about nursing. “I hope you did not choose this career simply because other courses were full or you were told to do it. You need to be passionate about nursing,” he said.  He also shared some pointers on how nurses should conduct themselves. “Confidentiality is key and being professional at all times is very imperative,” he said.

Senior Lecturer, Ms Nomntu Melitafa, stressed the importance of  striving for excellence. “When patients see you in that white uniform, their hope of being healed gets renewed. So you need to show compassion and serve with excellence.”

The programme continues until Friday. Some of the activities in the  line-up include presentations from professional associations, a practical demonstration of the Nursing Science learning approach and more words of encouragement.