UFH Disability Unit's Awareness Week

Read time: 2 mins

The University of Fort Hare Disability Unit’s Awareness Week is taking place from today until Friday (13 - 17 September 2021). 

As part of our ‘Decade of Renewal’, the institution will enhance its efforts to meet the requirements of DHET’s Strategic Policy Framework on Disability for the Post-School Education and Training System (2018). Our vision for the decade leading up to 2030 of inclusivity, a society free from discrimination, and a future where all South Africans have equal rights and are able to access those rights is the foundation to enhance the student experience for our students living with disabilities. This vision is also encapsulated in the University's motto ‘Together in Excellence’. 
Today, I call on colleagues in management and other leadership roles, as well as everyone able to drive change and transformation in their spheres of influence to commit to a process of renewal and reflection, specifically during the Disability Unit’s Awareness Week, but also outside the time frame of this special event. 
Whilst we have been making some headway as an institution, significant work remains. Ongoing conversations and reflections need to take place so that we successfully adapt our teaching and learning programmes to better accommodate our students living with disabilities, provide world-class institutional support, develop compelling research agendas, and build appropriate future infrastructure to realise DHET and UFH’s shared vision. 
This is necessary to ensure that students with disabilities have unencumbered access to dignified learning and living experiences at our institution. We need to pursue this mandate with passion and urgency. 
Today, I also call on our student body to play a much greater role in eliminating prejudice and discrimination on our campuses. 
Let us work hard to establish an environment of respect and regard for our students who live with disabilities, and an atmosphere where we value diversity in our student body. 
Professor Sakhela Buhlungu 
Vice-Chancellor and Principal