UFH Departmental Journal on Local Government Research Accepted into the Directory of Open Access Journals

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The Department of Public Administration’s journal titled:  Journal of Local Government Research and Innovation (JOLGRI) has been accepted into the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Associate Professor Ogo Nzewi and Head of the Department Public Administration is the Editor-in-Chief of JOLGRI.  According to her, the research publication seeks to publish and foster knowledge development in educational, epistemological and practice advancements within local government that will result in alternative models practised in local government service delivery and governance.

“The journal has a rigorous, double-blind peer-review process and a rolling publication system, which encourages prompt publication of accepted papers. JOLGRI publishes research articles, notes, conceptual reviews and essays as well as practitioner-focused papers. Manuscripts are welcome from South Africa, Africa and across the globe.”

Benefits of journals indexed in DOAJ

  1. One of the benefits is that all articles published in the journal this year - can be submitted to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) next year for subsidy. DOAJ requires at least 5 original articles to be published yearly in order to remain on the list. https://jolgri.org/index.php/jolgri/pages/view/journal-information#part_2 
  2. DOAJ has more than 900 000 page views and 300 000 unique visitors a month to DOAJ from all over the world.
  3. Many aggregators, databases, libraries, publishers and search portals (like Scopus and EBSCO) collect DOAJ free metadata and include it in their products. 
  4. DOAJ is OAI compliant and once an article is in DOAJ, it is automatically harvestable
  5. DOAJ is OpenURL compliant and once an article is in DOAJ, it is automatically linkable.
  6. Over 95% of the DOAJ publisher community said that DOAJ is important for increasing their journal's visibility
  7. DOAJ is often cited as a source of quality, open access journals in research and scholarly publishing circles.

Prof Nzewi said this is a huge milestone for the journal. “Well done to all members of our editorial board, our reviewers and everyone who has been working behind the scenes to make this a success.”

For more details on the journal or to submit articles please visit https://jolgri.org/index.php/jolgri