Return to Campus Plans

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Dear Staff and Students

Given the adjusted Level 3 lockdown conditions as well as the persistent threat posed by the Covid-19 epidemic, the Management Executive Committee are encouraging students not to return to campus in January and to study from home instead. Returning to campus is much riskier for all students than previously because of the new fast-transmitting strain of the virus and the deadly effects of the virus in this second wave. We will reconsider the recommendation to all students not to return to the University after January 15th based on updated national regulations.

However, we recognise that some students are unable to study remotely, and will need to return to campus early in January. Students who have to return to campus need to abide by the following schedule in order to reduce risk:

1st year students

5 January 2021

2nd year students

6 January 2021

3rd year students

7 January 2021

4th year students (including Honours and PG Diploma students)

8 January 2021

Master’s and Doctoral students

11 January 2021

In order to be granted admission to campus, students need to show a copy of this letter as a permit, as well as a valid student card as proof of registration for 2020.

Students who opt to return to campus do, in the process of being admitted to any UFH campus, commit to following all Covid-19 national regulations and University protocols as regularly communicated through our Covid-19 internal notices. Returning students will be required to remain in their residences, and social gatherings on and off campus are prohibited. The safety of students will rely not only on the capacity of the University to combat Covid-19, but also on a change of behaviour by students.

Returning staff will be working on a rotational basis to ensure that social distancing and other Covid-19 protocols are observed. Line managers need to ensure that the necessary rosters are in place to enable compliance. Staff with co-morbidities should continue to work remotely.

Students with co-morbidities should under no circumstances return to the University.

Please continue to follow all Covid-19 protocols to stay safe and protect yourselves and your families. As we welcome 2021, I wish you the best for the new year. May we face the current challenging circumstances with strength and resilience.


Professor Sakhela Buhlungu

Vice-Chancellor and Principal