Mr Actor Katurura, Deputy Dean, Law Faculty pens a heartfelt congratulatory note to his students

Read time: 2 mins


Dear 2020 Law Graduates

I am so proud of all of you: LLB and other graduates (B Com Law and Diploma in Local Government Law & Administration) from the Faculty of Law.

Your time at Fort Hare has been one of the most turbulent in recent times. Most of you joined the Faculty in 2015 and 2016 at the height of Fees Must Fall protests. As a result, you had to contend with much at the very outset of your academic journeys.

Subsequent years were not easy either. 

The year 2017 was characterised by sporadic protests and concomitant disruptions to the academic programme for as much as half, if not most, of that academic year.

In 2018 there was a two-month workers strike in the middle of the year,  leading to the first semester being completed only in August! In the midst of all of this, the Faculty (and the university) was confronted by a sexual harassment scandal that made national headlines.

In 2019 the university was placed,  and remains under administration.

In addition to all of the above,  during 2015 and 2016 you had to deal with the apprehension that came with the Council on Higher Education (CHE) national review of LLB programmes.   This raised a real possibility of programmes losing accreditation!  

Thankfully,  our programme was not impacted.


  • You formed more Law student societies than any other group before you
  • Participated in,  and won more moot court competitions than ever before,
  • Bagged articles and prestigious scholarships from premier law firms and other benefactors. 

The list of achievements is endless.... And now you are graduating virtually amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

If ever there was an ‘Against all odds Group’,  You are it!

You are conquerors. CongratulationsWell done.

Mr Actor Katurura  is Deputy Dean and Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law