MANCO does a walkabout

Read time: 2 mins

The University of Fort Hare’s top five Management Team – MANCO,has embarked on a journey to visit each department to meet with staff in their work spaces.  The ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone lives by the university’s motto,“Together in Excellence”.

MANCO consists of Prof Sakhela Buhlungu (VC), Prof Renuka Vithal (DVC - Academic Affairs), Prof Nokwethemba Ndlazi (DVC- Institutional Support), Mr Njabulo Zuma (Registrar) and Mr Nielesh Ravgee (CFO).

According to the VC, the walkabout exercise seeks to achieve three objectives: 
“Firstly, to introduce the new look MANCO and to talk about the work they are doing
“Secondly, to talk about what it means to be under new management.
“Thirdly, to highlight the good that university was doing.
The walkabout commenced at the East London Campus on 16 October and proceeded to the Alice campus the following day. The first stop in Alice was a meeting with the Student Affairs Division at Senate Chambers.  MANCO enjoyed intimate conversations with the Dean of Students and his staff.  The session kicked off with a question by Prof Vithal who asked a pertinent question:

“What makes you feel good to be at Fort Hare?”, to which staff gave positive and heartwarming responses.“I come to work every day because I consider myself a parent to these students,” said one of the staff members.

The walkabout proceeded to the Library, where Dr Connie Bitso, UFH Libraries Director, shared her vision for the Library.  A gratifying conversation was also had with Library staff, some of whom have been with the university for over three decades. The visit ended with and extensive tour of the Library.

In his closing remarks, Prof Buhlungu said MANCO hopes to have a service charter to which all employees will commit to high performance and provision of quality services.  

“Under new management means everybody, new ways of doing things and everyone doing their best to deliver quality services.”