Khusta Jack Book Launch

Read time: 2 mins

On 16th October Mkhuseli Khusta Jack, a businessman and former political activist launched his book titled, To Survive and Succeed at the University of Fort Hare, Alice campus. The book is an inspiring story of how he fought against all odds but never lost the desire to study.

Quoting from his book, “My future was thrown off-balance, in the face of my shock Mr Thonjeni was calm and consoled me with the words: you can always turn the tide, and he felt genuinely sorry for me and tried to be positive. My plans of being the first child in my community of Oyster Bay to walk the University of Fort Hare... singing the anthem of Gaudeamus... was in tatters. I had even been imitating the students about how I would carry my books,  and had dreams of being capped by the Vice Chancellor in my flowing academic gown.  I now saw myself failing in those battered overalls and cow dunged gumboots. How embarrassing it was.’’

From a young age, Khusta had always wanted to study at the University of Fort Hare. No one in his family had progressed beyond high school education but he told himself he would study and achieve all his goals. Because of political circumstances he was arrested five times by police who told him he would never set foot at the University of Fort Hare. 

However, despite such setbacks, at the age of 35, Khusta enrolled for BA Hons – Economics degree at Sussex University.He describes himself as a proud African who loves  and has sacrificed a lot for his country. He encouraged  students to read as much as they can about what they are passionate about.  His motto is that “no one has a reason not to succeed.  Anyone can achieve no matter what background they come from”.