IDAM and JINAN University collaborate on COVID-19 Research

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The  University of Fort Hare  Institute for Development Assistance Management (IDAM)  has collaborated with  Jinan University in China to invite research papers to address the Covid-19 pandemic. Selected papers will form part of a special edition to be published in a scholarly journal known as  Africa’s Public Service Delivery and Performance Review (APSDPR).


Themed: “The COVID-19 Pandemic: Re-Awakening the Prevailing Global System and the Emergence of the New World Order”, the special edition is aimed at demystifying many unresolved issues on Covid-19. It seeks to provide answers and respond to  challenges on the origin, spread, management, immediate, intermediate and longer-term impacts of the pandemic.

Scope of articles for publication

For better focus on the theme of the special edition,  solicited articles will include:

(a)   Development Assistance Management and International Cooperation during and post Covid-19 pandemic.

(b)   A review of the management of Covid-19 global solidarity response: national, regional and continental perspectives.

(c)    The impacts of Covid-19 in the global political and economic balance of power, for example: Social-economic dynamics of people and Cooperate Management, Local government and Administration of services and priorities at the local, national, continental and international levels.

(d)   The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and artificial intelligence (AI) e.g: systems, technology advancement, e-learning platforms, new forms of communication etc.

(e)   Restructuring the prevailing global, regional and national priorities towards the Public Health Systems, e.g: health professionals and para-medical officials, infrastructure developments: the Covid-19 experiences.

(f)    Covid-19 on poverty, unemployment and inequality at regional, national and global levels

(g)   Global and Regional investment priorities: Lessons from Covid-19 pandemic.

(h)   Any other abstract proposed social and economic sectors by potential authors.


Closing date for submission of articles is 30 May 2020. The date for final acceptance and publication will be communicated to individual authors.

Submissions to be made on: Further enquiries can be directed via email to: