Faculty of Management and Commerce welcomes first years

Read time: 2 mins

On 6 February, Dr Ntombovuyo Wayi, Dean of Faculty of Management and Commerce welcomed an exciting group of first year students. The Faculty’s East London orientation session was held at the Ashton Chubb Lecture Hall.

“You are very special because you were selected from thousands of applicants. By virtue of you being here, it means you are top achievers,” she said.  According to Dr Wayi the Faculty received thousands of applicants but only less than 1000 students met the Faculty’s admission requirements.

Directed by Dr Ellen Rungani, the three-hour session was very informative.

The Dean said choosing Management and Commerce was the right choice to shape students’ careers.

“Being a Management and Commerce student is an exciting journey. It can be confusing at times, but if you do things the right way, you will make it to the end. Our aim is to develop independent thinkers, people who are not only going to go out there and seek employment, but people who will go out there and find solutions to problems.”

She also encouraged students to open themselves to meeting new people of all backgrounds and to be actively involved in student life.

“There are students who come from different provinces and countries in Africa. This is your chance to create new friendships and learn from each other. We have sports, music, politics and various organisations that you can join and participate in.  But, please remember to prioritize. Your studies come first,” she urged.

Students were also addressed by Heads of Departments and the Faculty Manager, Ms Landelwa Sitebe.

The Faculty has scheduled similar programmes for Alice and Bhisho campuses. These will be held on 7 and 13 February, respectively.