FLOYD ELS (PhD Information Systems Candidate) joins the 6th BRICS Young Scientist Forum

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Floyd Els, a PhD -Information Systems candidate (UFH Faculty of Management and Commerce) has been invited to participate in the 2021 BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) Young Scientist Forum (YSF).

This year’s conference will be hosted by India and will include the following themes:

  • Healthcare;
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Space and Connectivity

Due to Covid-19 protocols, the event will take place virtually between 13 and 16 September 2021.

Els’ selection comes after responding to a call by the Forum’s nominating partners:  the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) and the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), for applicants to submit abstracts.

“It was towards the end of July when a call for abstracts from the BRICS Young Scientist Forum caught the attention of my supervisor (Liezel Cilliers). She encouraged me to apply,  and I did.”

Els submitted his research project titled: “An Access-Utilization Framework to Improve Academia-Industry Collaboration: A Case Study of the National Integrated Cyber-Infrastructure System in South Africa.

 It was selected under the sub-theme: Cyber-Physical systems (CPS).

The exciting news of his selection was announced by ASSAf and DSI in an invitation letter sent on 27 August.

“I was ecstatic, and no doubt so was Prof Cilliers.  The BRICS forum allows for an international dialogue amongst researchers. The only downside is that due to Covid, the forum becomes a virtual conference.”

Conference Goals

 According to conference organizers, the main goals of the 6th BRICS YSF are:

• To ensure that BRICS Young Scientists have collaborative and networking opportunities that will help harness their knowledge to resolve common societal challenges through research and innovation.

• To strengthen the advancement of skills and research competencies of youth, primarily below the age of 35 years drawn from Science, Engineering, and other allied disciplines.

• To build BRICS leadership in science, technology, and innovation through creative youth with capacity and capability to accelerate, change individually and collectively through the BRICS Youth Alumni.

• To reinforce BRICS nations' and regional STI policies, youth policies, skill development and entrepreneurship policies.

Asked what he hopes to take away from this experience, Els said: “I believe my role will be that of an open-minded student, willing to gain knowledge and expertise from other well-established researchers. 

 Our main goal is to create an information network between students across the globe, being able to share ideas and assist others in various research fields. We also hope to gather new ideas and input on the subject matter,” he said.

Congratulations Floyd!!