Embracing New Ways of Teaching Learning for Law Students

Read time: 2 mins

As the world progressively adapts to the ‘new norm’ imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Faculty of Law Lecturer and Foundation Co-ordinator, Ms Asanda Mbolambi has wasted no time adapting to new teaching and learning methodologies.

Using a blended teaching method that utilises platforms such as Blackboard, Zoom, and WhatsApp,  Ms Mbolambi says she has been able to administer online classes to most of her students during the lockdown.

“We are navigating uncharted territory. All of us are trying to perfect online and contact sessions. Therefore, blended teaching is the new normal and in my opinion, online may just turn out to be the best teaching and learning method,” she said.

According to her, students are able to participate freely throughout the sessions. “ Together with the students, we have agreed that  I should record videos and upload them on Blackboard so that we can set up a class and have discussions afterward.”

So far she has had remote classes with most of her students in the following courses:

  • Introduction to Law (Foundation Group)
  • Individual Labour Law (Part-time Group)

Mbolambi recently conducted contact sessions with her final-year students who form part of the 33% cohort that was brought back to campus recently.

“Contact sessions went fairly well and safety regulations were observed. Students were screened every day. Masks and hand sanitisers were provided.  Social distancing was also maintained”, she said.