The Department of Development Studies 8th annual postgraduate research colloquium: A resounding success

Read time: 2 mins

The Department of Development Studies recently concluded its 8th annual three-day research colloquium in the serene setting of Hogsback. Aimed at strengthening the research capabilities of newly enrolled postgraduate students, the event was a resounding success.

Led by esteemed faculty members including Mr Anele Maqubela (HOD), Prof Andries Bezuidenhout, Prof Priscila Monyai, Dr Shylet Chivanga, Ms Nonelela Ncobo, Ms. Tandokazi Fikeni, and Ms Andisiwe Maxela, the colloquium provided an enriching platform for students to delve into research methodologies and ethical considerations crucial to their academic journey.

Professor Bezuidenhout, a seasoned academic with notable contributions to the field, shared insights on research theory, and methodology, and underscored the importance of ethical conduct, warning against plagiarism. His recent involvement in co-hosting an international workshop at the Copenhagen Business School further exemplifies his commitment to advancing scholarly discourse.

Professor Monyai, known for her prolific engagement in community projects and scholarly endeavors, guided students in crafting robust research proposals, emphasizing the significance of literature review and coherence across research components.

Mr Maqubela explained the complexities of formulating clear problem statements and study objectives, recognizing the pivotal role of libraries in providing resources and training essential for research endeavors.

While Dr Chivanga, an esteemed researcher with numerous publications to her credit, emphasized the ethical obligations of research conduct, stressing the importance of respecting participants and securing necessary permissions.

The colloquium was not merely confined to academic sessions but also featured recreational activities, fostering a holistic learning environment. Students lauded the event as instrumental in deepening their understanding of research methodologies and expressed confidence in applying newfound knowledge to their projects.

Prof Monyai said the Department strives to continue nurturing a cadre of scholars committed to impactful research, evident in the achievements of alumni like Ms Ncobo and Ms Fikeni, currently pursuing their Ph.D. degrees while actively contributing to teaching, community engagement, and research endeavors.