25th Inaugural Professorial Lecture

Read time: 2 mins

The University held its 25th Inaugural Professorial Lecture which was delivered by Professor Emmanuel O. Adu at the Miriam Makeba Hall in East London on Wednesday the 22nd of May 2019. Professor Emmanuel Adu is a full Professor of Teacher Education and Education Management at the University.  His lecture was titled: Between Teachers and Cheaters: Critical perspectives on continuing professional teacher development towards education 2030 Agenda.  Professor Sakhela Buhlungu described Professor Adu as a “Sharp and aspiring partner” and mentioned that he took note of the Professor after someone complimented him. 

Professor Adu as described by Professor Mavuso, the dean of the Faculty of Education as being one of the cornerstones of the faculty of education as well as for the University.  Prof Mavuso congratulated Prof Adu stating that he is a source of inspiration for many.  The Inaugural Professorial Lectures were re-established 5 years ago with the broad aim of providing  an opportunity for newly-appointed Professors to review the current state of his or her discipline or field of expertise institutionally, nationally and internationally with a view of providing strategic direction to scholarship in such discipline or field at the University of Fort Hare, and with particular attention to their potential role in the developmental mission of the University and South Africa.  The Lectures also make an important contribution to the University's role within the wider community by providing a public forum for leading research and enhancing UFH’s research reputation in society as each lecture provides an opportunity for academics to share their achievements in research, innovation, engagement and teaching activities before an audience of their peers, family and community.