MSP on Euclid TRIAL

You may access the titles from the MSP on Euclid landing page at

MSP (Mathematical Sciences Publishers), Project Euclid, and Duke University Press have partnered to offer MSP on Euclid, a collection of the same journals published and sold as a bundle by MSP but now enhanced by the functionality of the Project Euclid platform. MSP on Euclid is an alternative way of purchasing and accessing this electronic collection of MSP titles.

Included Content

Titles included in MSP on Euclid in 2019:
• Algebra and Number Theory
• Algebraic and Geometric Topology
• Analysis and PDE
• Annals of K-Theory
• Communications in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science
• Geometry and Topology
•Innovations in Incidence Geometry (New in 2019)
• Involve
•Moscow Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory (New in 2019)
•Pure and Applied Analysis (New in 2019)
•Tunisian Journal of Mathematics (New in 2019)