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Use of the Library

3.1 Students, members of staff and external borrowers are admitted to use the Library and may borrow Library material subject to these Regulations. The University Librarian may, at his/her discretion, admit other persons to the use of the Library. Library registration for student borrowers is valid only for the duration of issue of the student’s identity card, normally one semester or one calendar year.

3.2 Any borrower who acts contrary to the provisions of these Regulations may be suspended from the use of and access to the Library by the University Librarian for a period of not more than five days. If the University Librarian is of the opinion that the breach of the Regulation is of such a serious nature as to warrant a suspension of more than five days, he/she shall immediately report such breach to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic of the University by letter, and he/she shall only readmit such a borrower to the Library on such date as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic, by written notice to the University Librarian, may decide.

3.3 Any user or borrower who, in connection with the use of the Library, commits an offence, whether under Common Law or Statute, shall be prosecuted according to the Law.

3.4 No user shall enter the Library without first switching off his/her cellular phone. Any user found operating a cellular phone inside the Library shall be liable for a spot fine of R50.00

3.5 No user shall raise his/her voice or create any noise or disturbance or smoke, drink or eat in the Library.

3.6 No user who has removed a book or periodical from the shelves for perusal in the Library shall replace such a book or periodical on the shelves, but shall leave it on the table where it has been used.

3.7 No user shall write or make marks on any Library material borrowed from the Library or deface it in any way and anyone returning Library material that has been damaged or defaced with writing or otherwise, shall be held responsible for such damage, unless it has been noted on the computer system at the time of issue.

3.8 No user shall remove or cover over, or attempt to remove or cover over any markings on Library material that identify the material as belonging to the Library. Possession of Library material from which the markings have been removed or where the markings have been covered over is an offence, provided that the user is not bringing the material to the University Librarian in order to report the discovery of the same.

3.9 Any user caught attempting to illegally remove Library material from the Library, or any user who is found in possession of Library material that has been illegally removed from the Library shall be deemed to have attempted to steal, or have stolen the material, unless the user provides proof to the contrary.

3.10 Any user who finds Library material left unattended outside the Library shall return the material to the Library immediately.

3.11 The University Librarian shall confiscate any Library material identified as belonging to another Library and which, in the opinion of the University Librarian, appears not to have been legally borrowed by the user who has the material in his/her possession. The University Librarian shall contact the Library to which the material belongs in order to establish whether the material was legally borrowed by the user from whom the material was confiscated. If the owning Library confirms that the material was legally borrowed by the user, the material will be returned to the user. If it was not legally borrowed by that user, the University Librarian shall return the material directly to the owning Library, and if asked to do so by that Library, shall provide the Library with such information and assistance in identifying and prosecuting the possessor of the material as may be at the University Librarian’s disposal.

3.12 It is the responsibility of every user to make him/herself cognizant of the Law of Copyright and such Copyright Regulations as may be applicable in the Republic of South Africa. No user may utilise Library equipment or materials to breach or attempt to circumvent Copyright Law and its regulations, nor shall any user introduce to the Library any materials that are in contravention of the same.