Off-Campus Access

How to access the UFH Library’s subscription databases from off-campus locations.

In terms of its contracts with its suppliers, the UFH Library is required to limit access to subscription databases to staff and student of the University.  Your on campus use is validated by your computer’s IP address, a process that does not require any inputs from you.  Off-campus access cannot be controlled in this way.  Therefore to use the databases from your home, or other off-campus location, you are required to first identify yourself as a registered Library user.

  1. You must have:
    1. Registered at the Library as a library user.
    2. A library allocated barcode for academics (Alice) or employee number for East London academics.
    3. Student number for students.
    4. Create a PIN number for yourself on the UFH Library OPAC (Online Public Access.)  See the Library’s webpage for details.
  2. Point you browser at the Resources.  (Web-page) -Select Subscription Databases -Select the database you want to use e.g. EBSCOhost.
  1. The Web Access Management Login Screen appears (example below).  Enter your surname, barcode (if academic) and PIN to identify yourself.  (Note: Please ignore the example shown for “name” on this screen.  UFH users should only enter their surname.
  2. You should be given access to the database you selected.
  3. A ten minute time out is operative on the authorization.  If you leave the connection unattended for 10 minutes or longer, you will be required to login again when you return.