Experience the NEW Encore Discovery Solution

The Encore Discovery Solution brings the complete library experience into the light. With Encore, you’ll deliver fantastic search that brings anything you want to light – scholarly articles, books, local digital collections, and more. It’s simple enough for new library users, and deep enough to satisfy exacting researchers.

Accessible via QUICK LINKS Menu.

Key Features

  • Fantastic, single search results
  • Integration of articles, books, eBooks, digital collections
  • Real time ILS/LSP integration
  • 3M Cloud Library, ChiliFresh, OverDrive integration
  • Encore Duet option

A single result set from Encore with EDS integrates articles with results from UFH Libraries. You will discover all types of appropriate content on the very first page, informed by local collections of all types and valuable metadata added by local cataloguers. Encore presents to you a single, unified set of facets, including EDS source-types that let you filter to academic journals alongside books or government publications.

From the first results page, you can place holds, see 100% real-time circulation status, and see which items they checked out or have on hold. You can place articles or books in a virtual Book cart, or create bibliographies with citation software such as EndNote®, RefWorks™, or Zotero. What’s more, you can share your results on Facebook and other social Web sites.