Inter-Library Loans

Inter-Library Loans Request Forms

Inter-Library Loan services are available for staff and postgraduate students.

Any user who fails to return on or before the due date any material borrowed on the Inter-Library Loan Service shall be suspended from all borrowing privileges until such time as such overdue publication has been returned.

If the use of any publication or other materials is in any way restricted by these Regulations, such restriction shall be made a condition of the loan to the library which borrows such publication from the Library on an Inter-Library Loan and vice versa.

If application has been made for a periodical article under the Inter-Library Loan system and the lending Library is supplying the Library with a photocopy of the article, the applicant shall not pay for the cost of such photocopy and it shall become his/her property.

The University Librarian reserves the right to set conditions for the recovery of costs associated with the use of the Inter-Library Loans system, whether from individual users or from University Departments. Currently the post recovery charges for a book loan are R20.00.