The Library Client services desk or loans desk, is at the main entrance of the Library. It provides checkout and check-in services to Library users. It also handles the charges for overdue and lost Library material. Circulation staff are also responsible for services such as the issuing of computer cards for computer use in the (Engen) and Mellon computer laboratories. They also handle general enquiries and refer clients to appropriate staff. Materials can be requested from another Fort Hare campus and from other libraries through Inter-Branch Loans and Inter-Library loans respectively.

Short Loan Collection
Books or articles that required reading for your course are placed in the Short Loan Collection at the request of your lecturer. A Short Loan item is loaned for two hours (Alice Campus), or one hour (East London Campus), and may not be removed from the Library during this time. Some items are also available for over-night loan from the Alice Campus but these must be returned by 9 am the next day.

If you don't return the item at the end of its loan period you will incur a substantial fine. If you borrow a Short Loan and fail to return within three days, the matter will be referred to the University Disciplinary Committee for further action.


Reserving Books
If the book you want is out on loan, a reservation for the item can be made at the Issue desks at any one of the campuses. The Library will notify you when the book becomes available.

If the book that you want is displayed in the OPAC, but is either at another branch, or is at your local branch, but is out, you may reserve the book yourself by pressing the Request button and following the on-screen instructions.