The University of Fort Hare recognises and acknowledges that employees may experience personal, work related and family problems which may affect their performance adversely and have a negative influence on service delivery.

The Human Resources Department therefore through the Employee Wellness Programme (EWP) provide an organisational environment that supports and enhance effective and efficient service delivery for all its employees.

Employee Wellness Programme (EWP) is a work based programme that offers free and confidential advice. We offer short term counselling services to employees and their immediate family members including referrals and follow up. The goal of EWP is to improve the quality of life of all employees by providing support and helping to alleviate the impact of everyday work, and personal & family problems.

The EWP can help most troubled employees to find new alternatives and resources to deal more effectively with their problems. These problems could include: marital and family problems, illness, financial difficulty, job stress, drug and alcohol abuse, trauma, depression and other life challenges.



In Employee Relations (ER) , popularly known also as Labour Relations,  we deal essentially with employees, who, because of their mutual involvement in the work situation, have been placed in a specific legal relationship with the employer and one another. This work relationship, despite being legal like marriage is also a human one and contains all elements common to all other relationships and must be nurtured by mutual interest . reciprocity of support, understanding trust, facilitative communication shared goals and shared values. It is therefore true that work relationship will falter should one or more of these qualities be absent.

ER, of course, is multi layered and dynamic, with change being dependent on the evolving status, needs, attitudes and perception of the parties concerned, the employees and employer.

In these circumstances, UFH HR ER Unit role and responsibility is primarily to :      

  • Pro-actively & Constructively Manage ER   directly & indirectly
  • Facilitate & Manage all Substantive Negotiation & processes
  • Provide strategic support & advice on ER Strategies to support the People Management Strategies
  • Develop & Implement ER Training Development Programs for HOD/Line managers and Employees/Union
  • In-conjunction with HR Management Team work to deliver on People Plans & HR competence in line with IOP
  • Facilitate Consultation & Build sound ER  climate & working relationships between UFH and Union(s) and Its employees
  • Implement & manage fair Dispute Resolution Process.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant labour legislation
  • Ensure policy & legal compliance when     processing grievances; DC and incapacity (ill health & / poor work performance) matters
  • Represent adequately UFH at CCMA
  • Instruct proper appointed Lawyers for Labour court

In summary, ER proactively optimizes the effectiveness of the interactive relationship between the University of Fort Hare, the employer, and its employees in achieving UFH vision and mission.