Resource Mobilization Manager

Mr Sibulele Ngozi

The Fort Hare foundation has the pleasure of announcing the appointment of Mr. Sibulele Ngozi as the Resource Mobilization Manager. He possesses a B. Com General Degree, majoring in Business Management, Economics and Information Systems as well as a B. Com Honors in Economics specializing in Financial Markets, both from the University of Fort Hare. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and youth development, and views both these as fundamentals of nation building.

Mr. Ngozi is a Marketing and Stakeholder Relations specialist with networks in the Private & Public Sector. He has practical knowledge in Corporate Finance, Project Management, Enterprise Development, Quantitative Research, and Brand/ Reputation Management. He is a Friedrich Ebert Stiftung alumni and an internationally recognized debater

He started in 2016 as an entrepreneur, starting his own company Ngozi Leadership Hub with offices in Berea, East London. He was still a registered student at the time, and he got recognized by the Dean of Management and Commerce for his organization’s success in supporting student development through programs such as Career Development and Workplace Readiness, Entrepreneurship Training, Professional Communication and Public Speaking. He secured collaborations with ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank and ECDC in capacity development programs for the benefit of undergraduate students. By the time he graduated in 2018, he had 6 full time employees. His organization enjoyed an 80% success rate in graduates finding employment within 3 months after graduating.

He then worked in the insurance industry as a Niche Markets Specialist for PPS Insurance, where he grew to manage the whole of Eastern Cape as a Marketing Specialist. He won the “Most Innovative Professional” award and his East London branch was awarded the 3rd Most Productive Branch in the country 2021/2022 financial year, due to his leadership of the branches during and after the covid-19 pandemic. He has also been recognized for his role in securing partnerships that grew the company’s market share in 2023.

From July 2022, He consulted for SAB Foundation and Fetola as a Senior Programs Coordinator: Business Incubation, and ECDC as a SME Business Advisor amongst others where he had a portfolio of 113 businesses with a combined turnover of over 20 million and employing over 900 people.

Resource Mobilization Manager