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Recent Projects

R1,000,000 pledged of 10 mil

Alice Campus Library

The current library at the Alice Campus was constructed in the 1970s and designed for fewer students than the current numbers. The small size and outdated set up demands the repurposing and redesigning of the current library as well as an extension to include a well-equipped modernized library to cater to the latest academic needs.

Auditorium with long table and podium
R0 pledged of 50 mil

Auditorium Project

There is no facility at the Alice campus to host big events like the graduation ceremony. As a result of this, the events are hosted at the sports complex which is not ideal. A new space is needed

Portrait Of Cheerful Black Student Girl With Book In Hands Posing Outdoors
R7,000,000 pledged of 100 mil

Scholarship Project

Due to the rural nature of the University, it predominantly enrolls students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds who are generally poor. Prestigious scholarships fund top achievers

microscope close-up shot in the laboratory.
R75 000 pledged of 30 Mil

Science Laboratories Project

The growth in student numbers coupled with aging infrastructure has led to the shortage of lecture halls and this could limit student intake. This is not ideal especially in an institution that is striving for excellence.

Man typing on laptop
R150 000 pledged of 2 mil

Laptop Project

The University has invested in Blackboard as the learning management system with the capability to offer all UFH programmes online but these cannot be accessed by all students off campus.

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The  Foundation has strict financial controls to ensure that the funds will be used for the intended purpose. The Foundation will provide an expenditure report to the funder with proof of expenditure.


The University of Fort Hare identifies the resource mobilization priorities and submit them to the Fort Hare Foundation.