Social Work & Development

The Department of Social Work and Social Development is a teaching, research and development system aimed at educating and training social workers and other development professionals for practice within the South African context and internationally.
Mission statement
Through its curriculum and programme activities, consistent with the values and principles of Social Services Professions and within the context of a transforming society , the Department of Social Work and Social Development has as its mission to empower students to improve the quality of life for the clients whom they will serve and for themselves; to develop moral/ethical, compassionate, and practical leadership among its students; and to promote social and economic justice in its programmes and services, among its students and in the rural and urban communities of South Africa.
The Department of Social Work and Social Development offers the following degrees:
•   Bachelor of Social Work
•   Master of Social Work (dissertation only)
   Doctoral Degree (thesis)
Social Work is a compulsory four year major subject for the Bachelor of Social Work degree.
 The Social Work degree is offered both on the East London and Alice campuses of the university. Students are also able to do Master’s (by dissertation only) and Doctoral degrees.