Sampie Terreblanche

Sampie Terrblanche

Senior Lecturer in Alice

M.A. (Stellenbosch), Ph.D. (Leuven)

Academic background
Sampie Terreblanche is Senior Lectuer in Philosophy at the University of Fort Hare. He obtained a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Leuven (Belgium) with a dissertation entitled ‘Reconsidering Humane Social Ideals – Prophetic Hope in Emmanual Levinas and Ernst Bloch’ (2005).  He has held research fellowships at the University of Johannesburg and the University of the Witwatersrand, and a temporary lectureship at Monash South Africa. 
Areas of specialisation, teaching & research
Terreblanche’s research speciality is in contemporary moral and humanist philosophy. He has published articles on the themes of hope, human dignity and moral repair in contemporary thought. Additionally, he maintains a research interest in the Philosophy of Sport and Aesthetics. He teaches courses in Hermeneutics, the Philosophy of Art, Classical Philosophy, and Renaissance & Enlightenment Philosophy. 
Peer-reviewed articles
Terreblanche, Salomon J. Subject and the realisation of ethical responsibility – The Idea of the Infinite in Levinas’s ‘Totality and Infinity’ (in Afrikaans with extensive English summary included), In South African Journal of Philosophy 2000, 19 (2): 133 – 150.
Terreblanche, Salomon J. Social-ethical responsibility in South Africa: A Levinasian perspective  (in Afrikaans with extensive English summary included), In South African Journal of Philosophy 2001, 20 (4): 321 – 337. 
Terreblanche, Salomon J. The melancholy of life’s work – Labour, hope and consolation in the utopian thought of Ernst Bloch (in Afrikaans), In Fragmente – Tydskrif vir Filosofie en Kultuurkritiek  2003, 10 & 11: 5 – 27.
Terreblanche, Salomon J. Todorov, Levinas and Anti-Totalitarian Humanism: a perspective on contemporary utopian thought, In HTS: Theological Studies 2007, 63 (1): 301 – 325. 
Terreblanche, Salomon J. Towards a Humanistic Narrative about Art: Reflections on Emmanuel Levinas and Ernst Bloch, In Acta Academica 2007, 39 (1): 1 – 33. 
Terreblanche, Salomon J. Cricket and the Liberalist Worldview, In Sport in Society (Routledge) 2007, 10 (5): 744 – 762.
Terreblanche, Salomon J. On History and Salvation in Emmanuel Levinas and Ernst Bloch, In HTS: Theological Studies 2008, 64 (2): 885 – 906.  
Terreblanche, Salomon J. The Longing for Moral Repair: Thoughts on Time, Art and Memory (in Afrikaans), in Acta Academica 2008, 40 (4): 20 – 51.
Book chapters
Terreblanche, Salomon J. The Tension Between Ideological Closure and Hermeneutic Openness in Ernst Bloch’s Philosophy of Hope, In Macdonald, J. & Stephenson, A. M. (Eds.). The Resilience of Hope Amsterdam & New York: Radopi, 2010: 63 – 81.
Academic contributions of a popular nature
Terreblanche, Salomon J. Soccer South Africa: 2010 (a critique of the FIFA World Cup, in Afrikaans), In Streven – Cultureel Maatschappelijk Maandblad, June 2010 Edition (entitled ‘Extra-Sportive’): 485 – 493.