Filip Maj

PhD (Olsztyn), M.A, B.A. (Warsaw)
Areas of research and teaching
He is currently working in the field of environmental philosophy and philosophy of medicine and psychology.
He obtained a PhD in philosophy at the University of Warmia and Mazury (Olsztyn) in 2013. He studied philosophy at the Université Paris-1 and University of Warsaw (B.A., 2003) and University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw (M.A., 2005). PhD thesis: On the Definitions of Health and Illness in Polish Philosophy of Medicine, Olsztyn 2013, 214 pages (supervisor: Prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Kobierzycki; reviewers: Prof. dr hab. Wlodzimierz Tyburski, Prof. dr hab. Ewa Starzynska-Kosciuszko); M.A. thesis: The Creativity Issue in Henri Bergson’s Philosophy, Warsaw 2005, 77 pages (supervisor: Prof. dr hab. T. Klimski); B.A. thesis: The Fundamentals of the Philosophy of Creativity. Henri Bergson and Kazimierz D?browski, Warsaw 2003, 45 pages (supervisor: Prof. dr hab. Zofia Rosinska).
He taught philosophy at the University of Music in Warsaw (2009-2013: Ancient and Medieval, Enlightenment and Modern Philosophy; Aesthetics) and was an assistant lecturer and trainer in psychology at the Theological Faculty of the University of Trnava in Bratislava (2005-2012). He worked as a research assistant at the Polish National Opera in Warsaw (2009-2011). He taught psychology of creativity at La Salle. Universitat Ramon Llull in Barcelona (2008) and ethics, philosophy and cultural anthropology at Bogdan Janski College in Warsaw (2005-2007).
He completed training in musicotherapy and psychodrama (E. Galinska, PhD, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw) (2008-2010). He did a training-internship in psychology (2002-2004) at the University of Trnava in Bratislava (organiser: Stanislava Pritrska, MD, PhD; trainers: Prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Kobierzycki, Dariusz Perszko, PhD).
He worked on a research project (2005-2010) lead by Prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Kobierzycki carrying out tests (“Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire” 2001) analyzing creative profiles and developmental potentials in public artistic schools in Warsaw (cf. publication 2010).
He was engaged in a research project and training “Work on the Change of Attitude Towards Illness in Families with a Confirmed Predisposition to Genetic Cancer” (2003/2004), organised by E. Kilar (MD, PhD), D. Perszko, PhD and B. Borowska (MD) in Swidnica (cf. publication 2004).
He is a member of the Centre for Phenomenology in Africa (East London) from 2015, Polish Society of Systematical Philosophy (Warsaw) from 2012 and Onco-life Team (Warsaw-Wroclaw) from 2005.
Selection of Publications
On the Definition of Health and Disease in Polish Philosophy of Medicine, Institute of Philosophy, University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn 2018.
Living, Thinking, Believing (co-author with R. Kozlowski, T. Kobierzycki), Slupsk 2014.
Health and Illness in Society (co-editor with T. Kobierzycki, E. Kilar), Warsaw 2011.
Introduction to Henri Bergson’s Philosophy of Creativity, Warsaw 2009.
Oncological Stress. Medical and Psychological Advice (co-author with T. Kobierzycki, E. Kilar), Warsaw 2005.
Peer-reviewed articles
“The Animal Other in Thaddeus Metz’s Modal Ubuntu Ethics,” in: Imafidon E. (eds) Handbook of African Philosophy of Difference. Handbooks in Philosophy, 2019, Springer, Cham.
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