Colloquia and Seminars 2017

The Department of Philosophy and Centre for Leadership Ethics in Africa (CLEA) invites all to our Colloquia (C) and Research Seminars (RS)


I Semester 2017

C: 22 Feb (Wed): Prof Pedro Tabensky (RU):  Preliminary Thoughts on Violence: Perspective from Fanon and Camus on the Algerian Question. (East London Campus)

RS: 2 March (Thurs): Thabang Dladla (UFH): The re-emergence of black consciousness in South Africa.  (East London Campus)

C: 3 March (Fri): Francois le Roux (HA!Man): Spontaneous Creativity.  (East London Campus)

C: 8 March (Wed): Prof Simphiwe Sesanti (UNISA): African Culture and Women’s Oppression Incompatible: African Philosophical Reflections. (Alice Campus)

C: 15/16 March (Wed/Thurs): Dr Luke Buckland (UFH): The (Unfulfilled) Promise of Epistemology: Towards a Theory of Epistemic Excellence. (East London Campus)

C: 23 March (Thurs): Prof Lucius Outlaw (Vanderbilt University): Justice and the other. (East London Campus)

C: 12 April (Wed): Dr Christine Hobden (UFH): Citizenship in a Globalized World. (East London Campus)

RS: 19 April (Wed): Dr Chris Allsobrook (UFH): Contested Conceptions of Consensus in African Customary Practices. (East London Campus)

C: 26 April (Wed): Dr Larry Bloom (RU): Teaching Ancient Greek Philosophy in contemporary South Africa. (East London Campus)

C: 4 May (Thurs): Ndumiso Dladla (UNISA): Here Is a Table: An African Critical Philosophy of Race. (East London Campus)

C: 10 May (Wed): Dr Tony Oyowe (UWC): Personhood and the Strongly Normative Constraints. (East London Campus)

C: 17 May (Thurs): Prof Mike Neocosmos (RU): Thinking Freedom in Africa. (East London Campus)


II Semester 2017

C: 19 July, Siseko H. Kumalo (RU): Explicating abjection – Historically White Universities creating Natives of Nowhere. (East London Campus)

C: 2 August, Zinhle Mcube (UJ): The Prospects of Personalised Medicine in South Africa. (East London Campus)

C: 16 August, Mbongisi Dyanti (UJ): Biko the Imaginary Black. (East London Campus)

RS: 22 August, Honours presentations. (East London Campus)

C: 13 September, Keo Mbebe (UP): Whites cannot be black. (East London Campus)

C: 20 September, Mzukisi Qobo (UJ): Ethical Leadership and State Capture. (East London Campus)

C: 27 September, Lerato Posholi (Wits): How might a social realist engage with the call to decolonise the university curriculum in South Africa? Thinking about knowledge and curriculum. (East London Campus)

C: 4 October, Zinhle Manzini (Wits): African Environmental Ethics as Southern Environmental Ethics. (East London Campus)

C:11 October, Joel Modiri (UP): The Jurisprudence of S.B. Biko. (East London Campus)


Time: 1-2 pm



C: Main Boardroom, 50 Church Street, East London Campus (Live Streaming to Alice Campus - CLEA Boardroom or Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Boardroom)

RS: Room 310, 3rd floor, Chris Hani Building, 45 Church Street, East London Campus