Colloquia and Seminars 2016


The Department of Philosophy and Centre for Leadership Ethics in Africa (CLEA) invites all to our Colloquia (PC) and Research Seminars (PRS)


I Semester 2016

PC: 18 February (Thurs): Prof Robert Bernasconi (Pennsylvania State University)- Some philosophical reflections on why the global fight against Racism has failed

PRS: 25 February (Thurs): Prof Hermann Van Erp (TU/UFH) - Human identity and human rights

PC: 3 March (Thurs): Prof Herman van Erp (TU/UFH) - Moral legitimation of punishment

PRS: 8 March (Tues): Phila Mfundo Msimang (UKZN) - Racial thinking did not begin in the modern West

PC: 16 March (Wed): Dr Sergio Alloggio and Mbongisi Dyantyi (Rhodes) - Black autarchy/white domination: fractured language and racial politics during apartheid and beyond via Biko and Lyotard

PC: 13 April (Wed): Dr Sharli Paphitis (Rhodes) - The Africanisation of the epistemic landscape and questions of epistemic justice: A philosophical grounding for the role of community engagement in South African higher education

PRS: 21 April (Thurs): Dr Luis Rodrigues (UFH) - Ubuntu, morality and terrorism 

PC: 4 May (Wed): Prof M Ramose (UNISA) - To be announced

PRS: 12 May (Thurs): Thozamile Mtyalela (UFH) - To be announced

PRS: 19 May (Thurs): Asheel Singh (UJ) - Dignity is dying: resuscitating a "useless" concept through transhumanism


II Semester 2016

PRS 29 July (Fri): Dr John Lamola (UFH), Is the Demand for an Africanised Philosophy Curriculum just in a multi-cultural academy?

PRS 4 Aug (Thurs): Thozamile Mtyalela, MA Candidate (UFH), How have the systematic structures of racial inequality inherited from apartheid changed in South Africa based on the shifts of power relations? An analysis through M. Foucault’s concept of repressive and productive power.

PC 11 Aug (Thurs): Dr M. John Lamola (UFH), Truth and politics: Ernesto Che Quevara, Jacob Zuma and the ANC. (Live Streaming to CLEA Boardroom in Alice)

PC 18 Aug (Thurs): Dr Rudmer Bijlsma (UFH) Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Ferguson: Republican critics of commercial society. (Live Streaming to Social Sciences and Humanities Boardroom in Alice)

PRS 24 Aug (Wed): Johnbosco Nwogbo, MA Candidate (UFH), Racism, democracy and legislation; Sabelo Ndwandwe, MA Candidate (UFH), Recognition Theory as an Alternative Approach to Human Rights: An African Perspective.

PRS 7 Sept (Wed): Dr Chris Allsobrook (UFH), Decolonisation as Global Apartheid: Smuts, trusteeship and postcolonial govern mentality.

PC 15 Sept (Thurs): Dr Uchenna Okeja (Rhodes), Immigration. (Live Streaming to CLEA Boardroom in Alice)

PC 21 Sept (Wed): Dr Chika Mba (Rhodes), The Dialectics of Emancipatory Universalism: Engendering Fanon’s Political Aesthetics in a World of Neoliberal Dominance. (Live Streaming to CLEA Boardroom in Alice)

PRS 29 Sept (Thurs): Neal O’Donnell, MA, PhD Candidate (UFH), What factors are called for when becoming caring?

PC 5 Oct (Wed): Dr Luke Buckland (UFH), Topic to be announced. (Live Streaming to Social Sciences and Humanities Boardroom in Alice)

PC 12 Oct (Wed): Prof Pedro Tabensky (Rhodes), Topic to be announced. (Live Streaming to CLEA Boardroom in Alice)


Time: 1-2 pm



PC: Main Boardroom, 50 Church Street, East London Campus (Live Streaming to Alice Campus - CLEA Boardroom or Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Boardroom)

PRS: Room 310, 3rd floor, Chris Hani Building, 45 Church Street, East London Campus


(Updated 11.08.2016)