2013 Colloquia

Semester 2

1. Prof Murali Ramachandran (Wits): "Knowledge and Assertion: Responses to Scepticism", 30 July, Alice

2. Prof Murali Ramachandran (Wits):"Visual Experience: Seeing is Believing!", 31 July, East London

3. Dr Chandra Kumar (Toronto): "Political Realism, Marxism, and the Pursuit of Global Justice", 13 August, Alice

4. Prof Tom Martin (Rhodes): “Philosophical Reflections on Holocaust Films”, 21t August, East London

5. Mr A. Matyila (Fort Hare): “Sexuality”, Student Colloquium, 25 Sept, East London

6. Dr Edwin Etieyibo (Wits): "Patient’s Competency and Paternalistic Intervention", 1 Oct (Alice); 2 Oct (East London)

7. Prof Herman van Erp (Fort Hare): “What can we learn from history?”, 8 Oct (Alice)

8. Prof Herman van Erp (Fort Hare): “Sexual ethics”, 9 Oct (East London)


Semester 1

1. Dr W Verwoerd: “Can peace be built?”, 21 Feb, 13:00, East London, 22 Feb, 13:00, Alice

2. Eusebius McKaiser: Topic to be announced, 7 March, 13:00, East London

3. Dr J Lamola: “Marxism as a Science of Interpretation: Beyond Louis Althusser”, 14 March, 13:00, East London

4. Prof V Luizzi, Topic to be announced,12 April 13:00, East London, 13 April 13:00, Alice

5. Dr E Cioflec "Phenomenology and Intercultural Philosophy", 25 April, 13:00, East London

6. Prof T Metz: “The meaning of life”, 26 April, 9:00, East London

7. M Tshivhase, “The meaning of life and love”, 26 April, 13:00, East London

8. Wild Coast Philosophy Symposium, 27 April, Cintsa

9. Dr Mathole Motshekga, Topic to be announced, 2 May, 13:00, East London, 3 May, 13:00, Alice