2007 Colloquia


donee 11 Sept 2007 Alice Tuesday 12:45-13:30 Dr. Pedro Tabensky (Philosophy, Rhodes Univ)

"Poetic dwelling"
text: Martin Heidegger's On the meaning of the work of art

done 14 August 2007 Alice Tuesday 12:45-13:30 Dr. Chandra Kumar (Philosophy, Toronto, Canada) "Progress, freedom and human nature"
text: JJ Rousseau's On the origins of inequality
done ???? Alice Tuesday 12:45-13:30 Prof Tobie Louw (UFH) "Questioning from inside and outside Plato's cave"
text: Plato's "allegory of the cave"
(click to access R.M. Platt translation, MP3-audio of Jowett-translation)
done 24 July 2007 Alice Tuesday 12:45-13:30 Dr. Abraham Olivier (UFH) "The body-mind controversy"
done 31 May 2007 Alice Tuesday 12:45-13:30 Prof Vince Luizzi (USA) "Being and Pain: reflections of an applied philosopher"
done 14 May 2007 Alice Tuesday 12:45-14:00 Prof Paul Taylor (USA) "Is racism a philosophical problem?"
done 24 April 2007 Alice Tuesday 12:45-13:30 Dr Derek Ross (UFH) "Towards a non-sterile, integrationist legal philosophy"

"Peoples, once accustomed to masters, are not in a condition to do without them. If they attempt to shake off the yoke, they estrange themselves even more from freedom. By mistaking for it an unbridled license to which it is diametrically opposed, they nearly always manage, by their revolutions, to hand themselves over to seducers, who only make their chains heavier than before." (Jean Jacques Rousseau, 1754)

"Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise." (Thomas Gray)