Department of Philosophy

Philosophy is one of eight academic departments in the School of Humanities. Together with the School of Social Sciences and Centre for Theology, the School of Humanities is one of three core umbrella units of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Philosophy programmes are offered at both the Alice and East London campuses. We also offer a compulsory service course on Logic and Ethics for Law Students, as well as for the Law Foundation programme.

th Annual Wild Coast Philosophy Symposium

6 November 2021
Crawfords Beach Lodge in Chintsa, South Africa 


Organizer: Abraham Olivier

The annual Wild Coast Philosophy Symposium is a one-day event cooperatively hosted by the Centre for Phenomenology in South Africa (CPSA), and the Departments of Philosophy at Fort Hare, Nelson Mandela University and Rhodes University.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the symposium conference will be a hybrid in-person/online event.

This is a symposium in the sense of a convivial discussion in a relaxed setting (usually in Chintsa at the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape), confined to a round table of around 18 participants, encouraging the introduction of and intense dialogue on fresh ideas on particular topics. 

Sessions of 30 minutes include short papers of 15 minutes, with 5 minute responses to these papers, and 10 minutes for general discussion.

The conference fee for in-person attendance for the day is R450 (including refreshments and lunch).

You will be responsible for your own transportation and accommodation unless arranged differently. Below are some websites that you can consult for accommodation.