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Philosophy is one of eight academic departments in the School of Humanities. Together with the School of Social Sciences and Centre for Theology, the School of Humanities is one of three core umbrella units of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Philosophy programmes are offered at both the Alice and East London campuses. We also offer a compulsory service course on Logic and Ethics for Law Students, as well as for the Law Foundation programme.


International Colloquium


5-6 March 2020, Crawford Beach Lodge in Chintsa, South Africa
Organisers: Abraham Olivier (UFH), Justin Sands (NWU), M. John Lamola (UP), Keo Mbebe (UP)

African phenomenology is an emerging subfield within the broader domain of African and Africana philosophy. The phenomenological method, with its various approaches to studying the meaning of human experience, has been a cornerstone in the thought of African Philosophers such as Paulin Hountondji, Tsenay Serequeberhan and D.A. Masolo, and proponents of Africana Philosophy such as Frantz Fanon, Lucius Outlaw and Lewis Gordon. While this philosophical approach has most evidently informed such thinkers, their contributions are often ‘siloed’, separated from, or neglected in the larger discursive terrain of African/Africana philosophy, postcolonialism/decolonisation, and the global phenomenology movement. The purpose of this colloquium is to explore contributions of African phenomenology to African/Africana philosophy, postcolonial/decolonial discourse, and deliberations within the international phenomenological community.

Confirmed speakers:
Prof. Lewis Gordon, University of Connecticut, USA.
Prof. Paulin Hountondji, Université Nationale du Bénin, Benin.
Prof. Rozena Maart, UKZN, RSA.
Prof. Achille Mbembe, Wits, RSA.

Confirmed respondents:
Dr. Chris Allsobrook, University of Fort Hare, RSA.
Thabang Dladla, University of Limpopo, RSA.
Prof. Louise du Toit, Stellenbosch University, RSA.
Prof. Patrick Eldridge, University of New Brunswick, Canada.
Schalk Gerber, Stellenbosch University, RSA.
Dr. Albert Kasanda, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic.
Prof. Bernard Matolino, UKZN, RSA.
Keo Mbebe, University of Pretoria, RSA.
Prof. Uchenna Okeja, Rhodes University, RSA.
Abraham Olivier, University of Fort Hare, RSA
Prof. Mogobe Ramose (summative respondent), Research Professor in the Department of Clinical Psychology, Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, Pretoria, RSA.
Dr. Alena Rettová, University of London, UK.
Justin Sands, North West University, RSA.
Prof Pedro Tabensky, Rhodes University, RSA

Program frame:
Day 1:
14:00-14:15 Opening
14:15-16:15 Session one: Achille Mbembe. Respondents: Kasanda; Gerber
17:00-19:00 Session two: Rozena Maart. Respondents: Okeja, Du Toit
Day 2
9:30-11:30: Session three: Paulin Hountondji. Respondents: Eldridge; Rettova
13:00-15:00 Session four: Lewis Gordon. Respondents: Matolino; Dladla
15:30-16:30 Session five: Panel discussion with keynotes engaging with Mogobe Ramose
16:30 Close

Sponsoring/ Hosting Institutions:
University of Fort Hare, RSA
University of Pretoria, RSA
North-West University, RSA
Centre for Phenomenology in South Africa (CPSA)