To be admitted to the Qualification of Master of Fine Arts, a candidate must have to

his/her credit, a three year Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art plus Honours, a Four year

Bachelor of Fine Art Qualification, or appropriate equivalents, or exceptional artistic



The Qualification is obtained by course work and dissertation. The Master of Fine Arts

study must represent a specific concept that manifests itself in all aspects of the

artistic presentations required by the Qualification. Requirements for this artistic

presentation are:

  1. MFA 701 (64 Credits) A portfolio of artistic presentation in a chosen field of study.
  2. MFA 702 (64 Credits) A portfolio of ancillary developmental artistic works directly related to the chosen field of study.
  3. MFA 703 (64 Credits) A final artistic presentation completed within a set period of time not later than the end of November of the final year of study. This presentation to include the portfolio of ancillary work related to the examination work.
  4. MFA 704 (64 Credits) An extended essay/visual document directly related to the chosen field of work.

 Ancillary work in the above requirements should be understood as those development works in any appropriate media that assist in the creation of a final artistic work. The examination assessment is based on a holistic presentation that should express the essence of the artistic proposal.


The candidate must spend at least a year at the Department as a full time learner during the course of study.