Department of Criminology


The mission of the Department of Criminology is to conduct and disseminate the findings of basic and applied research on crime, Criminology, Victimology and social justice, to offer excellent teaching at the B.A, B.A(Hons), M.A and PhD levels, and to provide service to the campus, university, community and profession.  This mission is realized via the research, teaching and service of the Criminology Department’s faculty, staff, and students.

Teaching activities in the Department of Criminology include not only traditional in depth course work, but also intensive research training, especially at the PhD level. Faculty members are actively involved in many local, provincial, national and international service activities, holding offices in organizations such as the Criminology and Victimology Society of Southern Africa (CRIMSA), the World Society of Victimology (WSV) and editorial committee positions on major criminological journals.

Furthermore, to provide market-related education and training of students by utilising critical, independent and innovative thinking and maintaining high academic standards. The department also strives to be constructively involved in community engagement and development and contribute towards the pro- and reactive intervention of social problems and social injustices.


It is the Department of Criminology’s vision to be recognized as a premier Criminology and Victimology program for Southern Africa by providing rigorous, accessible and high quality educational experience to students (at undergraduate and post graduate level) in the Eastern Cape and beyond.

The Department’s goals can be summarized thusly: We plan to do everything in our power to continue to get better still in teaching, research, service, and outreach. By so doing, it is our vision to be recognized as the pre-eminent program in the country.