Department of Communication

Our Mission

To produce graduates with the skills and values required to function effectively in the dynamic media and communication ecosystem.

Communication, Media and Society

The need for information and recreation in modern society has made the media, including social media, part and parcel of people's daily lives. Today, the media and communication industry is one of the largest industries in the world. The Bachelor of Social Science (B.Soc. Sc) and Bachelor of Social Science Honours (B.Soc. Sc. Comm, Hons) provide a holistic approach to media and communication study and offer various courses ranging from journalism, advertising, public relations and development communication to communication theories and research to ensure that you graduate with a broad understanding of the different components that constitute the field.

You get to learn how the media simultaneously reflects and affects our world and is, in turn, affected by mass society. To this end, the programme provides an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes courses in Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, and other related fields. 

Our journalism and media studies curriculum aims to expose students to mass media types and processes, from print newspapers to virtual newspapers, television to cinema, radio to podcasts, and social media to blogs and vlogs. Specifically, the course provides practical context, structure, and contents to equip students with the experiential knowledge and technical skills to function on multiple media platforms. 

Our corporate communication modules are carefully structured to suit the technology-driven and rapidly changing corporate environment. Typical students for our structured undergraduate degree are matric certificate holders and practitioners with prior learning. 

A degree in communication enables a graduate to obtain employment in fields such as journalism (newspaper, magazine, radio and television), public relations, advertising, information and diplomatic services, industrial relations and research.

Our Masters and PhD students can look forward to an exciting, supportive, and highly structured learning environment as well as mentorship from distinguished scholars to guide them in their research work.