Internship Programme

The Psychological Services Centre at the University of Fort Hare is an accredited training institute for Intern Psychologists in the category of Counselling Psychology.  We offer an exciting and stimulating 12 month programme to ensure that you leave our centre as a competent psychologist. Intern Psychologists are appointed at the PSC based on the guidelines and the principles of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

All Intern Psychologists’ duties will be carried out under the supervision of a registered Counselling Psychologist.The PSC participates in the following activities to ensure that you are a well-rounded psychologist at the end of the 12 month period:


  1. Individual Counselling:


  • The provision of psychological interventions to individuals, couples or families.


  1. Psychometric Assessments:


  • To provide psychometric evaluations as requested by the clients for e.g.:


  1. Scholastic difficulties


  • Career counselling and planning
  • Subject choices
  • School readiness


  1. Personality Assessments


  • To write comprehensive reports and provide feedback to clients.
  • Group Work and Psychoeducation
  • Develop and facilitate programmes based on a needs analysis with groups


And provides relevant training activities for Interns throughout the year.

All interns are exposed to different placement sites during the 12 month period. This will challenge you to work out of your comfort zone and with individuals from a range of different backgrounds. You will also be expected to work in multidisciplinary teams to ensure that the best possible interventions are put in place for your clients.


The sites are:


  1. University of Fort Hare – PSC Clinic


  • This is our headquarters where you will see the majority of your clients
  • In addition to our counselling rooms, we are equipped with a fully stocked playroom as well as a psychometric test library


  1. Community Based Sites of Practice


  • Frere Hospital (POPD) – Pediatric Clinic focusing on ADHD and related disorders as well as other childhood pathologies.
  • Rehab – Focus on group work, community based interventions, home visits, providing individual therapy and psychometric assessments with people with disabilities.
  • Cecilia Makiwane Hospital – Interns will be exposed to clinical ward rounds with a multidisciplinary team in the Psychiatric Ward at the hospital.
  • Transnet-Phelophepa Health Care Train – 2 week service on the train conducting individual counselling and psychoeducation


  1. School Based Site of Practice


  • AW Barnes Primary School and Aspiranza Primary School
  • Assessments and interventions with learners
  • Participating in the Care Team with a group of the educators
  • Facilitating psychoeducational workshops with learners and parents.