The faculty offers three undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Science - Bsc ,Bachelor of Science in Agriculture - Bsc Sci Agric, Bachelor of Agriculture- B Agric.  In addition the Faculty also offers the Foundation Programme for learners who fail to meet the standard minimum requirements to study for a Bachelors degree.

1. The Degree of Bachelor of Agriculture (B Agric)

We offer two (2) majors for the Bachelor of  Agriculture option.

  • 70001 Agricultural Economics
  • 70002 Agricultural Extension / Production


2. The Degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSc Agric)

We offer six (6) majors for the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture option.

  • 71521 Agricultural Economics / Economics (New Curriculum)
  • 71522 Soil Science (New Curriculum)
  • 71523 Horticulture Science (New Curriculum)
  • 71524 Crop Science (New Curriculum)
  • 71525 Animal Science (New Curriculum)
  • 71526 Pasture Science (New Curriculum)

3. The Degree of Bachelor of Science - 40000 BSc

We offer a wide range of majors  for the Bachelor of Science Degree option, designed to build the intellectual and technical capacity of our graduates so you can critically engage in, and find creative solutions for, the challenges facing society, or subsequently pursue postgraduate studies at this or any university around the world. 

Meaningful Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Majors Combinations

Following is a list of meaningful subject combinations at second- and third year level in a BSc degree:
Applied Mathematics: Pure Mathematics, Physics, Statistics
Biochemistry: Chemistry, Microbiology, Botany, Computer Science
Botany: Biochemistry, Chemistry, Microbiology, Zoology.
Chemistry: Biochemistry, Geology, Mathematics
Computer Science: Applied Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Biochemistry,Geography, GIS, Geology, Mathematics.
Geology: Chemistry, Physics, GIS, Computer Science, Statistics, Geography,Zoology
GIS & Remote Sensing: Computer Science, Geography, Geology, Zoology, Statistics, Botany
Geography: GIS, Geology, Computer Science
Pure Mathematics: Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Statistics, Physics.
Mathematical Statistics: Geology, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics
Microbiology: Biochemistry, Botany, Zoology
Physics: Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Geology, (Pure) Mathematics.
Zoology: Botany, Geology, GIS, Microbiology.

4. Science & Agriculture Foundation Programme

The Science & Agriculture Foundation Programme (SAFP) is an entrance programme intended to provide a strong Science and Agriculture foundation to students who do not meet the standard Faculty entry requirements. The SAFP is an extended programme which involves the spread of the 1st year level modules over 2 years. This is a mechanism of giving support to students who did not meet the requirements needed to do the mainstream programme. This therefore means SAFP students take an extra year to complete their degree. All students who do not have a matric exemption (matric written prior to 2008) must apply for conditional exemption. Life, Knowledge, Action (LKA) is followed as a value-added module.