If an applicant does not meet the requirements for Standard Admissions, s/he may be considered for special admission under the following options:

Students who have a Bachelor’s pass (B pass) but who do not meet the ratings Standard admission.

Students who have obtained a Bachelor’s pass, and who do not meet the Selection Rating requirements for normal registration may apply to register under the Pathways Foundation Programme (PFP) (reduced curriculum) for first year agriculture students or the Science Foundation Programme (STFP) for BSc students. On these programmes students are required to register for a reduced number of first year courses.

Students who completed their NSC and got admission for “Diploma studies” do not qualify to study at University unless they have obtained an additional and relevant 3 year Diploma qualification from another tertiary institution.
Such students will be admitted into the Faculty’s STFP Unit based on the limited quota as prescribed.


* Please note: Students who want to register for the Agric Economics Option do not need NSC Physical Science; they need a PASS at Level 3 in Life Sciences.